PAWtographed Children's Book

Exclusive copy PAWtographed by Tilly and signed by Author and Emmy-Winning TV Host, Meaghan V. Mooney.


"Tilly Tails: A Day at the Beach" is a future picture book classic! The story is told from a dog's perspective and Tilly is a real-life dog who everyone loves! Seen here in her debut book that features whimsical designs and catchy rhymes, Tilly helps bring important lessons to life for kids. Positive messages about pet adoption, friendships, curiosity, diversity, and healthy living are just some of the topics. Plus, the book has interactive elements that create an engaging experience for Tilly's readers. Readers and listeners of all age are sure to love experiencing the world in a new way through Tilly, especially kids ages 2-8.

This is the first book of a "Tilly Tails" series in the making inspired by a real-life dog and her adventures with her owner.


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PAWtographed Children's Book

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